The first city created in E2 focused on events and business

We build experiences to elevate your Business.

The city par excellence created by professionals in the events, fairs and congresses sector.


The place to present your brand and your services optimizing time with the right target.


Get new clients. VIP Visitor Programs.


Generate synergies and carry out future projects with managers.


A place to share knowledge, reflections and concerns about the evolution of Earth2.


Discover the latest news and trends in the sector. Watch your competitors. Strengthen your advantages.


Strengthen professional ties with the community.

First business-oriented city

Organize your own events

Virtual Meetings


Great avenues, promenades, squares, lakes and parks

+2000 KM²

Europe, North Macedonia

Indoor spaces
Outdoor spaces



Business Management

After a long career as a professional gamer and CEO of E-sports clubs, John, specialized in additive manufacturing in automotive system and 3D printing.
Plays a key role in negotiations with Earth2 investors and gamers.


Infraestructures & Advertising

Senior QA engineer, manual & automated testing.
Medior 3D designer & Junior Graphic designer.
Pub Club CEO for more than 10 years.
On E2 Plays a key role advertising and building infraestructures for the Project.
Always searching for new information, trying to get the best chances of success for this awsome Project.


CTO-Multimedia Engineer-Entrepreneur

Leads a dedicated creative team in a dynamic and progressive organization.
With over 25 years of experience in AV & Multimedia offering game-changing digital solutions.
Working with an impressive array of top clients and brands across a variety of industry sectors.


Engineer & VR/AR Businessman

Computer Engineer from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).
For 6 years, Associate Professor and Researcher at the UC3M Computer Science Department in the areas of Software Engineering and Gamification. He is co-founder and COO of Virtual Voyagers, a VR / AR content development company that has worked with more than 50 world-class brands in less than 6 years, having received more than 15 international awards and nominations for his work.


Project Manager & UXR Designer

Designer of immersive experiences and creator of digital products. Trend explorer and passionate about technology.
Immersed in everything that has to do with professional sectors in extended reality.
Co-Founder XRspain.es, Community of makers in extended reality and Head of XR at an important studio


Programmer & 3D Modeler

He is the person behind so that everything works.
Discord bot programmer, websites, video games with more than 3 years of experience in Unity3d, APPS...
He also models 3D constructions for our future buildings in Earth2.
On Earth1 he works as a firefighter.

Spanish Saiyan

IT Engineer

With a multidisciplinary profile that ranges from software programmer, Data Scienctist (Big Data) to expert in automotive electronics.
Professor at the National Distance Education University (UNED)


Public Relations (PR)

He is a person who has traveled to almost every continent when he worked as a supervisor in a renewable energy company. Currently at Expocity he is working on bringing in new investors and helping them.


Consultant & Community Manager

Computing, programming and electronics enthusiast.
Self-taught spirit. Miguel has collaborated in several maker's groups, highlighting the oriented to artificial vision and electronics.
He would like to approach his knowledge to the virtual universe of Earth2


Pan Dimensional Community Organizer

He has held positions as a CEO, CTO, Director, Government Representative and Community Organizer.
Recently act like a Social Media Influencer, Tile Artist and Karaoke aficionado. Rumors have circulated that he might be a time traveler sent to guide this planet into a 5D reality.
TechOps has dedicated all his time and energy to raising the positive vibrations of the Earth2 and has been a valuable resource to the community.

Abdullah Q

NFT/PixelArt creator

My name is Abdullah Q, I have been in the customer service line of work for over 10 years. Self employed.
Born in Afghanistan, been living in Canada for the past 20 years.
Lover of art and E2.